“Asay depicts Batman less as an implausible Christ figure than a flawed human being touched by a sense of calling; compromised by trauma, but living by a code; tortured by personal demons, but living sacrificially for others. Asay keeps the focus practical and devotional, emphasizing the spiritual lessons to be drawn from comic-book heroism and villainy”  —Christianity Today

“Comic book fans will flip over God on the Streets of Gotham by Paul Asay.” 

“I have to say if you're a Christian and love super heroes, then you will LOVE this one.” 
Kathleen (Kat) Smith

“… I actually found myself underlining and folding down page corners. I never do that!” 

“A brilliant book, both as a Batman study and as a book on what religious lessons and inspiration we can draw from the masked hero. What Paul Asay writes is true and gripping, and how he writes it is equally so.” 

“I can honestly say that it is one of the greatest literary finds I have ever come across. Fantastic, encouraging, intellectually and morally stimulating. Excellent.” 
Ethan Ortega

“I loved this book. As a Lutheran pastor and a fan of batman and superheroes sine I was a kid, I could totally relate to everything Paul wrote about. It made me think, it made me grow, and it made me laugh. I think this book is definitely worth a re-read and with my hectic schedule, I rarely say that about any book besides the Bible.” 
Rob Guenther

“The fact that Paul brings in a popular superhero to discuss deep theology is a clever way to bring in this generation while helping them to understand God, evil, and tough biblical questions. Batman had to make some tough, not so clear choices in his stories, and in life we often find ourselves in plots with no clear endings or easy choices. With a new appreciation for the masked crusader, the Dark Knight, I now see these movies from a different angle.” 
Nikole Hahn

“Rather than proposing Batman as some sort of Christ figure, Asay shows how Batman actually reflects a struggle in all of us to be a hero while often being dragged down by the darkness inside of us. …Using many different Batman symbols, Asay takes us on a journey of walking with Jesus, revealing the incredible gospel at our disposal because of Jesus.” 
Tom Farr