So why write a book about Batman? Why not Superman or Spider Man or The Avengers?

When I was a little kid, maybe 6 or 7, my best friend Terry and I would pretend to be superheroes every chance we got. He was always Superman or Captain Marvel or someone impossibly strong and powerful. But I was always Batman. For me, even though Batman wasn’t the strongest superhero around, he was always the coolest. He couldn’t rely on his super powers to get out of jams and catch the bad guys, ‘cause he didn’t have any. Take away his Batmobile and his utility belt, and he was just another guy. I couldn’t ever hope to be Superman. But Batman? If I worked out and studied hard and somehow became really, really rich, his career track was open for me.

Well, I obviously fell short in the strength and the smarts and the wealth department. But when we’re talking about superheroes, Batman’s still one of the most approachable, the most relatable. Many other superheroes, they’re veritable demigods. At their best, they can be metaphors for Christ. But Batman, he’s more like us. And when we’re talking about spirituality, Batman can take us to some pretty interesting places.