Batman may be a hero, but he’s a pretty dark one—particularly the hero we see in Christopher Nolan’s recent movies. Why did you pick him to use as a spiritual exercise?

God-honoring stuff can be found in really rough and messy circumstances sometimes. We’re living a world that no Christian should be comfortable in, just as the Apostle Paul was. But Paul used elements of the culture to speak into people’s lives. And even today, I believe that God’s fingerprints can be found on everything we touch and see if we look hard enough. No matter how hard we try, evidence of His love is everywhere—even in violent, sometimes problematic movies. Christopher Nolan’s films are challenging and gritty, no question. I’d never tell anyone that they should see them. But if they do, and if they take the time to think about them, they’ll find nobility and virtue and truth here. There is beauty even in dank, dark Gotham—if you know where to look.