Batman’s been around for nearly 80 years now, and he’s more beloved than ever. What’s the secret to his continuing popularity?

Well, he just looks cool, for one thing. One look at the guy, and you know not to mess with him. And then there’s the fact he has so many awesome gadgets, drives an amazing car and could buy a handful of Caribbean islands if he really wanted to. But an even bigger reason, I think, is that he’s recognizably human, just like us. And, when you think about spirituality, I imagine that Batman would have the same longings and doubts and struggles we all do. He’s a guy who, in his own words, has “issues.” But at his core, he’s just an imperfect man living in a fallen world, doing a job that we might call crazy and maybe he doesn’t fully understand. And when you look at us, we’re like him. We’re hurting. We’re dealing with loads of baggage. We’re navigating a very imperfect, sometimes hostile world. But with God’s help, I think we, like Batman, can be better than the sum of our flawed parts. We can be heroes